Serves as your portal to make things easier online thru your own website you can sell your products worldwide.


You can write unlimited blog anytime and share it to your friends on social media.

Email Autoresponders

Enable you to follow-up your prospects anytime. Autoresponders have the ability to keep all your prospects closer to your business.

Sales Funnel

Here you can share your automated video presentation to your prospects in English and Tagalog version. This sales funnel also serves you to qualify your prospects.

Custom Landing Page

Easy to create a custom landing page for capturing name and email of your prospects. We have a video tutorial for those who do not know how. It is a very important tool used by top earners in this industry to get lots of prospects in their business.

Prospect List

Allows you to view all prospects from the past days, months etc. It is very important to track your progress to gauge your business.

Video Training

Learn from our video trainings, from beginner to pro we offer an extensive learning, exclusive to members to enhance the skills in this business.

Live Webinar

Online live webinar sessions are available to attract more prospects in your business. We have weekly webinar sessions with question and answer portions.

Shopping Center

Just like a supermarket, all products are displayed in a categorized way so that it is easy to navigate to all the products and add to cart shopping system.

Product Price Discount

Get 25-50% discount on all products, all you need to do is to upgrade your account to premium or elite.

Product Points Credit

All product points will be credit to your DTC account once your account is premium or elite.

New Product Added

All new product released has been added.

New G.P Added

All new Global Package released has been added.

Link to AIM World

Easy to access your AIM World tracking link.

Live Chat

Chat with your prospect direct to your facebook fan page.

Referral Program

Get commission by referring other distributors thru signing up with your website.


Change the default logo to your own customize logo.

Create Ebooks

E-book is the easiest way to read articles. Here you can upload or create your own pdf file.

Responsive Website

Responsive for any kind of device such as mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop etc.

Website Maintenance

Website support, upgrade and customize etc.

Newsletter Updates

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Payment Methods

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